Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ugh Me!

Ugh, you are really not a word
   You are just an shoulder shrugging, ugh
      No more no less but you have a place
         Just not too much punch in your utterance

We really need to hear more from you
   Like, what do you think of yourself
      Your linguistic roots please
         After all where are you really from?

Yeah, I am picking on you, you bet I am
   You have escaped scrutiny, forever
      Hiding yourself in such subtle utterance
         But you are not getting off so easy now

I am pushing your envelope but it's ok
   No harm intended, nothing against you
      Just a need to know, natural curiosity
         Your neutral self, who, in non sexist English

Well, you don't say much, just a syllable
   So you think you can escape examination
      No, no, no for the light is on you, brightly
         We shall know your roots and your fruit

If you are of God then welcome to language
   But if you are vile or vain we will purge you
      Sounds tough but still you would have to go
         No room for you in Christ, if you are so vain

But if you are of God you are welcome
   For every ugh must be spoken in love
      And account will be given on day
         For every ugh spoken in vain!


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